Lean Six Sigma and Front Line Leader Training

The Effective Syndicate's custom lean six sigma and front line leader training prepares your employees to embrace process efficiencies and contribute to predictable results.


Lean Six Sigma Training

We offer standard training in both Lean and Six Sigma, either stand-alone or part of a more comprehensive strategy of Continuous Improvement. We’ll help you determine your goals and select the best approach to produce the best results. While Lean and Six Sigma are often treated as though they are interchangeable, there are key differences in how they work and what they accomplish—alone or together:

  • Lean’s focus is efficiency: identifying "waste" in every process and maximizing the value of people. Our training emphasizes building your culture so that every team member is involved and feels valued. We cover Lean basics, Lean systems (comprehensive), and Lean leadership.

  • Six Sigma’s focus is accuracy, with the ultimate goal building a process that yields predictable outcomes every time. Our Six Sigma training is data-intensive and results in Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or Black Belt.

When Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are applied two together, you get very efficient processes that produce predictable results every time. It isn't complicated, but timing is important to a successful execution. Our trainings will help you create an effective environment for a practice that leads to competitive advantage that will very hard to overcome.

Front Line Leader Training

We offer a Front Line Leader Boot Camp to help operations professionals become better leaders. The weeklong engagement is designed for both new managers and high-potential supervisors, department managers, and plant/production managers who want to raise their skills in search of the next step in their career.

Designed with an Organizational Psychologist, our boot camp incorporates role-playing and real world examples that many managers and leaders haven’t yet had the chance to experience. Each class is limited to 20 participants to ensure each student experiences exceptional and powerful conversations that help them recognize the challenges they face and learn how to use the tools they need to deal with them.

We believe that if you put great people in great processes, your only expectation should be amazing results—and we’ll teach both of these aspects to participants while giving them the skills they need for success. Days 1 and 2: How to Build and Lead an Effective Team of Individuals. Incorporating principles of leadership, psychology and high performing cultures, participants will explore the following:

  • Identifying and engaging in behavioral challenges

  • Developing a plan for every person

  • Focusing on the strengths of the team, not only the individual

  • Coaching for results

  • Holding people accountable

Days 3 and 4: How to Identify a Good Process, a Bad Process, and How to Handle Them. Delving into the principles of World Class Manufacturing, participants will engage with the following topics:

  • Spotting and addressing poor or non-existent processes

  • Defining and managing the right set of metrics by leading the people and managing the processes

Day 5: Develop a Clear Path of Action for the Team/Department/Facility. Participants will bring all of their insights together, so they’re prepared to:

  • Return to work with a plan

  • Identify and develop the “Big 3”

  • Deploy a communications plan

Each Student leaves with a clear plan of action and have access to the course instructor for follow-up coaching. The cost of the training is $2500 and includes:

  • Classroom materials

  • Breakfast and Lunch

  • Certificate of Completion