Continuous Improvement System and Strategic Development Consulting

Partnering with The Effective Syndicate for continuous improvement system and strategic development consulting will affect change where it makes the most impact.


Continuous Improvement System Consulting

We offer a transformative and comprehensive multi-year engagement with organizations who want to start or revamp the Continuous Improvement System. In partnership, we will:

  1. Define your organization’s Vision, Mission, and governing Values.

  2. Define what winning looks like—and discover the strategy to get there.

  3. Determine whether your organization has the team on the field to execute on your goals—and address any gaps.

  4. Define your organization’s structure—and clarify your succession plan and related leadership development.

  5. Perform organizational and teamwork coaching and development, with focus on process improvement—people, tools, message, metrics, results, and course correction.

  6. Build and lead a comprehensive Continuous Improvement System that operates as a singular Business Operating System, using Lean Six Sigma as a strategic weapon to create a Lean Enterprise.

Our objective is to establish system of Continuous Improvement based on a set of non-negotiable principles that apply to all aspects of your company: your people and processes. We’ll teach the entire workforce how to work, lead, and interact holistically so your organization performs as a dynamic and agile system that yields remarkable results.

Strategic Development Consulting

We will work with you to develop a clear strategy that will take your organization to the next level. Strategy is the "how" something is going to get done, yet many companies don't invest enough time developing their goals before talking about strategy. We will help you define success, determine where you want to go, and come up with actionable plans for the people and processes in your organization to get there.

Using a straightforward approach inspired by a Navy Seal’s use of targets, weapons, and movements, this is an ideal use of an external resource who can remove inter-office politics and offer an objective perspective to “how” to get where you want your organization to go.