Continuous Improvement Training

We offer standard training in both Lean and Six Sigma, either stand-alone or part of a more comprehensive strategy of Continuous Improvement. We’ll help you determine your goals and select the best approach to produce the best results. While Lean and Six Sigma are often treated as though they are interchangeable, there are key differences in how they work and what they accomplish—alone or together:

  • Lean’s focus is efficiency: identifying “waste” in every process and maximizing the value of your people. Our training emphasizes building your culture so that every team member is involved and feels valued. We cover Lean basics, Lean systems (comprehensive), and Lean leadership.
  • Six Sigma’s focus is accuracy, with the ultimate goal of building a process that yields predictable outcomes. Our Six Sigma training is data-intensive and results in Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or Black Belt.

When Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are applied two together, you get very efficient processes that produce predictable results every time. It isn’t complicated, but timing is essential to the successful execution of these concepts. Our training will help you create an effective environment for a practice that leads to a competitive advantage that will very hard to overcome.

We offer training in multiple ways:

  • Classroom training - onsite at your location
  • Classroom training - at an offsite facility
  • Virtual Training - using videoconferencing tools with your teams
  • On-Demand Training - via our online training portal

The Effective Syndicate is accredited to provide certification for you and your teams via the Council for Six Sigma Certification.

Team Development

Online Learning Academy
Explore Our Courses

  • The Practical Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Run to your Potential
  • The Lean Primer Series

Are You Comfortable with Your Company Sitting Squarely in the Middle of the Pack?

“Okay” is a race to the bottom. When companies settle for okay, they start to compare themselves to other okay companies and they start to take comfort in their okay performance and their okay metrics. And slowly but surely, the distance between the excellent companies and the okay companies widens. And eventually, the okay companies are left competing on price and scrambling for the profit crumbs in the commodity basement of the industry.

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Continuous Improvement Training

Team Development

We offer team development coaching tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Using hands-on coaching in real-time, we will sit with your team—from leadership team and steering committee meetings to performance review meetings—and facilitate discussion about any underlying issues that need to be addressed. We’ll work with the team to improve communications, accountability, follow-up, and execution.

Our approach is based on our belief that culture is the single most crucial factor in determining an organization’s success or failure. If you have the best processes in the world, but your people hate coming to work every day, you might be good, but you will never be awesome. In order for you to get your people involved, we must move past the business-speak statements and figure out how to help people work together.

This often leads to individual coaching that can help the individual be not only more effective at work, but often more effective in the rest of their lives in total. This is the foundation of building the “Culture of Awesomeness” that we want and need.

Continuous Improvement Training

Executive Coaching

Get personalized coaching to help your executives clarify their goals, find focus, improve their communications, and boost their overall effectiveness. Receive unbiased advice and actionable tools that EVP, SVP, and C-level executives need to the top of their game, whether they’re new, seasoned, or have just assumed a great deal more responsibility as a result of a reorganization or promotion.

We see ourselves in a position to share the truth and be painfully direct when necessary, giving feedback on issues related to communications, metric alignment, organizational or team culture, and other items that are hard for someone in the organization to discuss. This external and unbiased approach often pays huge dividends to organizations because it helps develop a more comprehensive perspective on the organization’s health.

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