Helping Companies WIN by Optimizing Processes & Developing Winning Cultures

We used to stand in your shoes: on the shop floor and in the back office and C-suite of a manufacturing company, up-close and personal with the day-to-day and strategic challenges inherent in operations environments. But now we’re on the outside—and that makes a difference. We know what it takes to cut through the process silos and break down the communication barriers that are standing in your way to continuous improvement, effective leadership, and a high-performing workforce.


Operational Process Transformation Services


Team Development and Executive Coaching

Let’s work together to align your workforce and leadership—your entire culture—around shared goals. By asking the “tough questions,” we’ll help your people learn how to effectively communicate, drive results, and keep moving forward in pursuit of your vision.

Continuous Improvement System & Strategic Development Consulting

Organizational transformation takes strategy, and successfully deploying a strategy takes expertise, commitment, and know-how. Partner with us to explore your company from the inside-out, affecting change where it makes the most impact.


Lean Six Sigma and Front Line Leader Training

We prepare your employees and leadership team to embrace process efficiencies and contribute to the predictable results your organization depends on. Your particular needs and goals will define which approach we take to get you there.


Improving Your Processes, Developing Your People

Culture determines the success or failure of an organization. Even if you have the best processes in the world, they won’t yield maximum results if your people don’t understand the “whys” behind them. We’ll make sure they do, bringing culture and process together.

Get to know the personalities behind The Effective Syndicate's operational process and workforce optimization consulting, training, and coaching services.