Are Your People Skills Holding Back Your Performance?

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In talking with a potential client this week, the person I was speaking with referred to “soft-skills” several times as he was talking about dealing with people. It occurred to me that a lot of people refer to people skills in this way, and it also occurs to me that this is a horrible way of describing these things.

If you have ever tried working through people skills and challenging situations, you know that they are not easy, in fact, they are very hard. Too many organizations do not put a lot of effort into developing these skills and think that culture will “just work itself out.” That’s a terrible idea just like treating hope as a strategy is a terrible idea.

Your culture (which is driven by the collective people skills) is just as important as any other projects your organization is working on. In fact, Culture is probably more important than most of the other projects because once you get your culture right, your processes and projects will go much easier and more productive.

As we come out of COVID, you need to recognize that the telecommuting model will require significant adjustments on the part of your organization. Things will probably not go back to the way they were before this pandemic happened, so if you think that your culture will “just work itself out”, you may be in for a more challenging period than is necessary.

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