Work Does Not Have to Suck

Author: The Effective Syndicate | | Categories: Culture

Work Does Not Have to Suck.jpg

I overheard the following statement as I was walking through the grocery store:

“Just tell your daughter, life is only about doing things you hate.”

I instantly felt sorry for everyone involved in that conversation. For the individual that had such a negative outlook on life. For the parent who was seeking advice, only to end up with that gem of a statement. And most of all, for the daughter who would potentially grow up thinking that life really does suck, and you’ll probably hate every minute of your existence…

How many times have you heard one of the following statements?

- “Work” is a four-letter word.

- They call it “work” because it IS. Otherwise, they would call it “fun.”

- Work sucks. Period.

I believe deep down, no one wants to believe that “work sucks” or that life really is mostly made up of doing things they “hate.” They just haven’t been shown that there is an alternative. Trust me, there is an alternative. And at The Effective Syndicate, we thrive on helping others see a brighter future, one where “Work does not have to suck!”

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