Hitting the Reset Button

Photo by  Andrew Neel  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Where are you at in your journey? In your Life, your Business, with your Family and Friends? Are you Happy, truly Happy? Are you achieving everything you have set out to do? These may seem like redundant questions and the intro for a motivational speech, but they are serious questions to consider. I have spent a lot of time in my life asking myself these very questions.

I have found a knack for listening in the last several years. I enjoy it, and I feel that it allows me to make a positive impact in peoples lives. It is amazing to see someone’s attitude change through a conversation. I always try to help people see the positive side of things, because I know deep down that if we change our focus to the positive, we will unconsciously seek out and reinforce these positive thoughts. I know this, but I am also guilty of slipping into the same negative space that I try to help others stay out of. Why is this? What am I doing to put myself in these mindsets? I have found that the root cause of this problem is me. I am the problem, because I am trying to do it all myself. I found that the outlet that lets others gain their direction was missing in my own life. I needed someone to talk to and to let me rationalize my thoughts. This is not something that comes easily for me, but most things that are worth while do not come easy. So, I ask this question again, where are you in your journey?

My friend and mentor, Beau Groover, shared this video with me:

This video details how we are wired. Our past experiences, both good and bad are recorded into our subconscious brain and dictate how we perceive the world around us. If you are like me, and your personality leans toward feelings, it becomes difficult to face some situations with a positive outlook due to the failures of the past. Yes, I am a firm believer that failures are beneficial because they allow us to learn and grow. The difficulty comes when we face a similar scenario that caused us to fail before. Although we have learned from the failure and know what led to that failure, our thoughts tend to steer toward that worst-case scenario that caused us to fail before. We need to hit the reset button on our thoughts. We need to find a way to shift our focus from the worst-case to the best-case. Let our thoughts guide our actions and achieve success.

How can we reset our internal system? First, we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that there is a problem. This is not Fight Club, the first rule here is that we must talk about it. The next step is finding someone to talk with, a mentor or coach. We wouldn’t let our kids go out on the ballfield without coaching them first, even though it would probably be funny to watch, so why would we send ourselves out into situations without proper preparation? We also tend to self-diagnose (Thanks Google). I don’t recommend this either. We only see what we want to see when we self-diagnose. If our mindsets are already focused on the worst-case scenario, we will be sure to find data that supports that worst-case scenario. When you think of success within your network, who are the people that come to mind? Seek these people out and have open dialog. If they don’t have the time or don’t want to hear from you, reach out to me and I will make the time. It is important to find a coach in life and business.

It doesn’t stop with personal change, that is only the beginning. A personal reset for a positive outlook can be impacted by a poor environment. I have many close friends who are suffering from a toxic work culture. The good news is that this can be corrected as well. It is often the most difficult thing to correct within any business, because it is linked to every person; therefore, every person must be open to changing it for it to improve. Just like every fire starts with the first spark, culture change starts with the first effort. We need coaches for our personal lives, and we need coaches for our business culture. If you don’t have one, find one. If you don’t know where to look, just ask us. We help companies tackle the difficult steps that are required to change a poor culture. Hit the reset button and start Leading your company with a new outlook.     

The last year and a half, since I left the comfort of Corporate America, has been the most challenging, the most rewarding and the most successful time in my entire life. What is the difference? I have found the support structure to keep my focus positive, and I have been able to do the same for others. The culture within our team is incredible. We foster open communication and hold each other accountable. When a team is full of individuals with One focus and direction, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Reset your personal Focus. Reset your Team’s Focus. If you need help, contact us.

Tyson Ashby