Meet the Team: Tim Monahan

Tim Monahan.jpg

As the Effective Syndicate team grows, we’ll help you get to know the people behind the scenes.  Today, meet our Vice President of Consulting Services, Tim Monahan!

Tim, tell us about yourself.

I am a Lean practitioner with over 20 years in the industry in a variety of roles, including operations, continuous improvement, and IT. My most recent role was as the CIO of a mid-sized manufacturing company, where my focus was on driving digital and process transformations to delight our customers. I love technology, but firmly believe that technology is only as sound as the business process on which it is based. 

I reside in Chattanooga, TN - one of the coolest towns in the southeast - with my wife, Megan, and our four children. We love our adopted home city and the variety of outdoor activities it offers. If you haven't been to Chattanooga, you really should visit - it is a great example of how an organization (city) can truly transform itself.

Tell us about The Effective Syndicate and your role in the company.

The Effective Syndicate is a continuous improvement and leadership consulting firm that believes that coupling great processes with great people can only deliver amazing results. We provide consulting services on business process improvement, leadership development, and coaching, which, when brought together, can help our clients simply become more effective at achieving their goals.  As the Vice President of Consulting Services at the Syndicate, my role is to help our clients improve their business systems as well as their company culture to maximize their effectiveness and drive value to their customers.

What is on the horizon with TES in the near future?

The Syndicate always has a lot to offer our clients and communities and we're having a blast doing both. We are growing our business throughout the southeast, adding additional consulting staff to meet the needs of our clients. We are very active in our communities and offer a variety of seminars, webinars, and plant visits for professionals interested in improving their business objectives and culture. Look to our website and social media for our upcoming professional development events.

One additional area we are developing is what we call Continuous Improvement IT (CIIT). This philosophy blends traditional Lean practices with best practices for Information Technology to help companies' IT staffs drive true value to their customers. We feel this is an overlooked area in many companies and is a great complementary service to our portfolio.

What differentiates TES from other continuous improvement and coaching firms?

Many continuous improvement initiatives are implemented as a set of tools to help solve a particular business problem. While that serves as a good foundation for improvement, it tends to miss the most important aspect of an improvement philosophy - the people who form the company culture. The Effective Syndicate focuses as much on developing the leadership of the company and improving the lives of employees as driving standardized work or developing a value stream map. We firmly believe that without great people, no continuous improvement tool can be effective for long. 

Thanks, Tim!

Beau Groover