2 Rules for “Not Helping” Like a Leader

This is article was written by Dan Rockwell on February 1st, and it is short and worth sharing.  Great message!

Over-helpful leaders encourage irresponsibility and low engagement.

1. Don’t offer solutions when others haven’t offered any. 

Quick solutions from you invite helplessness and dependency in others. One reason you’re sick of people coming to you with questions and problems is you offer too many answers.

When tempted to offer quick solutions, ask:

  1. What do you think?

  2. What have you already tried?

  3. What might work?

  4. Who might know?

“Go figure it out,” is better than, “This is how you do it,” when team members are capable.

2. Don’t do someone’s job for them.

Ask, “Whose job is this?” before stepping in. You’d be surprised how many leaders are doing someone’s work for them.  You limit potential and constrain the future when you do someone’s job for them.