Not Your Typical Workshop—5 Ways That Leadership Boot Camp Is Different

I was recently asked by someone who was thinking of attending Leadership Boot Camp if he should attend.  He went on to say that he keeps looking for "real" leadership help, but keeps ending up in classes that talk more about management (or HR compliance, or how not to get sued as a manager), and things that are peripheral to leadership, but not really aimed at developing leadership. I have had the same experiences, so I started thinking about our Leadership Boot Camp and why it is different. 

Every time I have held Leadership Boot Camps in the past, both in internal private company settings and in public settings, I keep hearing that the LBC is different than these other workshops, and I want to capture some of that, and share it with you. 

Audience Directed

First, the class is aimed at the audience, not at the instructor. It is designed to give the participants insights on how to handle their specific issues, not about the instructor giving a bunch of hypotheticals. My desire is that the participants leave the class better equipped to go back to their organization and lead. 


After brief introductions, the class begins with the instructor asking each participant why he/she is there, and what they want to get out of the class. If the participants can articulate what success looks like to them, then they can leave the session better prepared for what they are working on. 


While the instructor will bring some prepared material, the presentation is designed to foster the conversation, not to be death by PowerPoint. There are thousands of books out there on leadership and while reading is super important, it will not replace face-to-face conversations with other leaders. 

Real-Life Examples, Problems, and Situations

In Leadership Boot Camp, the conversation is real. Meaning it is about real-life problems, conversations, and situations. It is not about theoretical "Political Correctness" that is counter to true leadership. The class will not sound or feel like an NPR radio show where everyone talks real softly, and we sit around pondering the thousands of shades of gray we like to identify. Leadership is most effective when you get to the heart of the matter, call the problems out and deal with them. Leadership Boot Camp is all about getting real and recognizing you can't put lipstick on a pig (you can, but it is still a pig).


Finally, and maybe most importantly, the class is designed to share and learn from other leaders who are struggling and working on real problems.  Often times we don't allow ourselves time to step back away from the daily firefight of our jobs to think about and recognize how we can make the organization collectively more effective. Leadership Boot Camp provides that setting in which you can turn off the daily grind, and spend some time looking at the situation instead of being mired "IN" the situation. 

My desire for the class is that the participants leave the session feeling engaged, empowered and inspired to go tackle whatever situations arise in their work environments, and to help themselves and those around them to be more awesome. We will laugh some, we might uncover some sensitive topics, and we will definitely find some poignant items that will give you fodder for how to lead more effectively. I personally love learning from the participants, and sharing my real-world experiences with them. 

Our next Leadership Boot Camp is scheduled for November 11th, at the 1818 Club in Duluth, Georgia, and we would love to have you join us.  You can find more information and registration here.

If you lead people and want to be more effective at it, Leadership Boot Camp is a great investment of your time.  If you are new to managing and leading people, or struggling with a “people problem,” this class will be great for you. 

Join us at Leadership Boot Camp!

LeadershipBeau Groover