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Voice of the Customer

voice of the customer

Take a look at what our customers are saying about working with the effective syndicate...

Our facilitator from The Effective Syndicate led our leadership team in such a way that we were able to open up, which brought honesty and vulnerability – breaking down barriers and solidifying our team. Great content, great outcome!
— Davey S.

Beau Groover, The Effective Syndicate, utilizes an extremely sensible approach to the sessions stimulating individual contribution and providing “real world” examples as a method to relay the learning’s and messages.
— Brad B.

During our six-month time with The Effective Syndicate, our leadership team went from forming to operating a much higher level. Our greatest realization was our gaps on communication and culture. We learned to embrace 100% responsibility, as well as operating from a position of trust. Beau masterfully guided us to trust on another and to model the behavior that we desired.
— James M., Reliability Manager

The plant was going through a huge transition. We were merging two plants into one and at the same time getting ready to start Performance Excellence, a plant wide continuous improvement system. We wanted to start with the right culture so we brought Beau in to break down the walls and begin forming a high functioning management team. He did a great job developing the managers and educating on what true servant leadership means.
— Kevin G., General Manager

At the start of our training we had no official documented daily interaction with our employees. Through learning the Daily Management System our management team now have a daily interaction and accountability for our employees and has given the employees accountability for management. The daily management system is a constant conversation between management and employees through the board. The board shows management how the processes are performing and in turn, the board shows the employees how management is removing the obstacles that cause them pain on a daily basis. We have seen individual wins in moving employee performance to higher standards. One employee moved from a consistent last place performance, that was typically half of the best performer, to a first place performance. This in turn caused the best performer to improve his performance. Now as a result our overall averages have improved across the board. We now know issues as they arise and address them as quickly as possible so they do not delay our employees. DMS gave us a jump start on our Performance Excellence training and made us very comfortable with the transition. We get regular comments from the PE trainers that most plants don’t have DMS and how affective the DMS system is.
— Bryan S., Department Manager

The Effective Syndicate was the right choice when helping us with our Supply Chain. The consultant led us through a Value Stream Map from order to cash. We identified current state and future state with a detailed roadmap of how to get there. The ES Consultant we very knowledgeable of supply chain, business processes, and lean tools. He left with a executable plan by task, with owner and due date. We were able to get this done and are getting the return. We have reduced claims by over 50%. Productivity is up 30% that allowed us to bring on more capacity without adding people. All this done by removing waste from the process. The Effective Syndicate was definitely the right choice.
— VP of Manufacturing

We had an idea that has surfaced and fallen away on and off for the 17 years I have worked here. During the 4th engagement, The Syndicate practitioner took us through an exercise that finally got enough people to be willing to try it. After 17 years of my lobbying for this idea, we finally got the chance to try it after only 4-months of working with The Syndicate. So far, the idea is working great, and I don’t think we would have gotten to try it without excellent facilitation and coaching.
— Tony C., Production Manager

Thank you for sharing your story with me. Several of the managers that attended the luncheon with me have made great comments about how they have already used the trianing to benefit a situation.
— Tim L., VP of Operations