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Strategic Development

Strategy is crucial to any organization, but too often there just isn't enough time spent on developing a clear strategy that will help the organization at large move to the next level.  We believe that Strategy is the "how" something is going to get done.  We often hear from companies that the strategy is some fuzzy buzz word that doesn't really make sense without having a lot of context to go with it. 

"What's your strategy?" - "Well we want to double the size of the organization in 3 years."

"Awesome, how are you going to do that?" - "We need to sell more."

"How are you going to sell more?"

You get the point.  However, too many companies we see don't invest enough time developing the goal before they start talking about strategy.  One of our favorite exercises is to get a group of people in an organization together, and ask them "What does winning mean for this company?"  The answers are often all over the place. 

The point is that if you can't describe where you want to go, how in the world are you (or more importantly the people in the organization) going to figure out how to get there? 

Our approach is very straightforward following a principle I read in a book written by a Navy Seal.

  1. Targets - what are you trying to kill?
  2. Weapons - what is the best weapon you have to do that?
  3. Movements - how will you deploy that weapon to execute?

In business teams, the process is:

  1. Get very clear on what you are trying to do.  Define Success.
  2. Develop a strategy for how you are going to do that. 
  3. Turn the strategy into an action plans with clear lines of site and responsibility.
  4. Develop a follow-up plan and rhythm to ensure the plan is executed. 

This is an ideal use of an external resource to remove all of the inter-office politics and have an objective perspective.