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Lean Six Sigma

Do you have a group of people who need to understand the principles, tools and processes behind Lean Six Sigma?  This training is designed to impart just those items. 

Not sure what you need?  Reach out to us and we will help you figure out what you need based on what you are trying to accomplish. 

This is how we view the two methodologies:

Lean is really about efficiency with a strong connection to the culture.  The target is to improve performance by removing the "wastes" in the processes and getting everyone involved in it. 

Six Sigma is principally concerned with accuracy and how frequently you can predict the desired outcome of the process. It has cultural implications as well, but is very data intensive. 

We don't espouse that one is better than the other, as they are designed to accomplish two different things.  Think of it like this:

Targets: What are you trying to accomplish?

Weapons: Which approach will most effectively help you reach those targets (i.e. Lean or Six Sigma)

Movements: What is the strategy, Who is on the team, who is leading the team?

Lean and Six Sigma are often times treated as though they are interchangeable.  However, we believe that they are different in how each works and what each is designed to accomplish.  Determining what your goals are, can help you select the best approach to use although using them together will produce the best results. 

We believe that Lean is focused on "Waste" in every process so that the focus for Lean is efficiency.  People are valuable, processes are wasteful.  Lean focused on the culture heavily so that every team member is involved and feels valued to the organization. 

Six Sigma is focused on accuracy.  Six Sigma's ultimate goal is to build a process that yields predictable outcomes every time.  Six Sigma is data intensive so that the processes are often data and metric focused. 

When you work these two together (timing is important), you get very efficient processes the create and produce very predictable results every time.  It isn't complicated, but it is hard.  We believe when this is executed well, it creates a competitive advantage that is very hard to overcome. 

The Effective Syndicate offers standard training in both Lean and Six Sigma.  The trainings can be stand alone training or part of a more comprehensive strategy of Continuous Improvement.  Please recognize that training without an environment to practice in is 100% ineffective. 


  • Lean Basics
  • Lean Systems (Comprehensive)
  • Lean Leadership

Six Sigma:

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt

If you aren't sure, please reach out to us.  We have been doing this a long time and will work with you to develop a training process that tailored to your needs, and laser focused on providing what you are trying to accomplish.