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Team Development

At The Effective Syndicate, we believe that culture is the single most important factor in determining the success or failure of an organization.  If you have the best processes in the world, but your people hate coming to work everyday, you might be good but you will never be awesome. In order for you to get your people involved, we must move past the business speak statements and figure out how to help people work together.  Yes, it is as obvious as the nose on your face, but according to Gallup, less than 50% of the American workforce feels "engaged" in their work.  So, while it is obvious, most companies aren't inherently good at it. 

This is not a cookie-cutter model of engagement, but one tailored to the real needs of your organization.  We use real-time and hands-on coaching where we will actually sit in your meetings with the team and facilitate bringing up the under-lying issues and discussion points. These meetings might include Leadership Team Meetings, Steering Committee Meetings, Performance Review Meetings; and anywhere else where there is a group of team members working together.  The TES coach is then able to engage real time using real examples from your business. This leads to improving the communications, accountability, follow-up and execution of the organization. 

Too often we see organizations that are wrapped up in the metrics and projects so that the culture slowly deteriorates leaving the team and organization only marginally successful.  The culture becomes a hindrance instead of a support.  This often leads to individual coaching that can help the individual be not only more effective at work, but often times more effective in the rest of their lives in total.  This is the foundation of building the "Culture of Awesomeness" that we want and need. 

Feel free to reach out to us for a discussion to learn more about this approach. 

With Culture, we believe this mantra:

Lead or be dragged.