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Continuous Improvement System

Not for the faint of heart, this is a full-blown engagement with an organization that is wanting to start or revamp the Continuous Improvement System.  One of the most effective models as it often is a 2-year plus engagement where the organization and The Effective Syndicate truly form and perform in a partnership.  This model is comprehensive in its scope:

1.     Define clearly what is the Vision, Mission, Values that govern the organization.

2.     Define clearly what winning looks like, and what is the strategy to get there?

3.     Does the organization have the team on the field to execute items 1 and 2 above?

4.     What is the organization’s structure (including succession plan, leadership development).

5.     Organizational and teamwork coaching and development.

6.     Process improvement focus (People, tools, message, metrics, results and course correction)

Then, build and Lead a Comprehensive CI system that touches the organization so that it operates as a singular Business Operating System.  Lean Six Sigma is not a tactical tool used on the shop floor, it should be used and deployed as a strategic weapon.  What started as Lean Manufacturing should be now viewed as Lean Enterprise. 

The system of Continuous Improvement must be viewed as a set of non-negotiable principles.  These principles are universal and apply to absolutely all aspects of an organization.  When you teach and support the entire organization how to work, interact and lead based on these principles, your organization will perform in ways that you never imagined.  Your organization will become a dynamic and agile system that interacts holistically and your competition will become irrelevant. 

This will be a transformation of your company.